WhatsApp Business API for your omnichannel messaging needs.

Reliably reach more than 2 billion users globally.

What is the WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to set up profiles and communicate with customers through enterprise grade messaging on the world’s most popular messaging app.

WhatsApp is now available to set up via Telnyx’s API. This means that along with your existing SMS and MMS communications, you can also integrate WhatsApp to reach customers on their most preferred channels.

Can I build an omnichannel messaging solution with the Telnyx API?

With Telnyx, you can reach your customers on a variety of channels including SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, VSMS, and iOS Business chat through a single API.

Our API lets you automate notifications or customer care queries with ease. We offer the building blocks for an omnichannel inbox where you can interact with customers and escalate to human interaction when necessary.

Try it out - Meet Telnyx's WhatsApp Bot!

Add 312-945-7420 to your contacts and send a message over to WhatsApp saying "Hi" or simply scan the QR code. The rest is easy to follow.

By texting or scanning this QR code, you are agreeing to the collection of data.

WhatsApp Messaging Features for Enterprise Grade Communications

  • Branded Messaging

    WhatsApp lets you personalize a branded sender profile with a logo and screen colors to strengthen brand awareness in every touch point.
  • Secure Sending

    WhatsApp was designed with end to end encryption in mind, protecting customers’ data privacy.
  • Analytics

    Read receipts give detailed insight into how customers interact with your messages.
  • Message Templates

    10 easy-to-use message template categories based on use case and industry.
  • High Resolution Media

    WhatsApp supports multimedia like gifs, voice memos, videos, PDFs to create intuitive messaging experiences.
  • Easily Integrate Apps

    Link WhatsApp to calendars, share locations on a map, and embed data like QR codes and event details.
  • QR Code Generation

    Create QR codes and short links to your agent as an entry point for conversation.
  • SMS Failover

    Increase message deliverability with SMS failover capabilities for unopened WhatsApp messages.

What Will You Build With WhatsApp?

Choose Telnyx to power your WhatsApp communication.

Our robust multichannel API has built-in features to ensure the highest message deliverability. And, the traffic sent over our private, multi-cloud and multi-site network minimizes hops on the public internet.

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WhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Business, launched by WhatsApp, is specifically built to connect businesses and customers. Business owners can set up a WhatsApp Business account to message customers, send updates, and provide customer service through a branded messaging profile which includes your logo and brand colors. In contrast, the primary use for WhatsApp is to talk to friends and family.

To onboard your business with WhatsApp, you must obtain a Facebook Business Manager ID. Next, you can verify your business by following the steps outlined here. Then, you can create a Business Profile with a WhatsApp Business messaging provider like Telnyx, submit for approval, and start sending messages. If you have any questions on this process, make sure to reach out to our Sales Team!

WhatsApp Business was built with medium and large business owners in mind, to provide a channel for businesses to connect securely and quickly with their customers. Programmatic access to the WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to communicate at scale, and automatically initiate conversations with reusable messaging templates.

A WhatsApp message template is a message format that you can use to engage with users once they have opted-in and given your app permission to send them messages. You can use templates to send automated account updates, alert updates, appointment reminders, or payment updates, or other messages relevant to your use case.

WhatsApp service is being charged per message fees. Templated messages, which are initiated by the application, are charged a Telnyx Platform fee of $0.004 / message and a Pass-through WhatsApp fee which varies by destination. Session messages, initiated by the user and all messages sent and received after it, are charged the Telnyx Platform fee. For more information page, take a look at our WhatsApp pricing page.

In addition to the messaging and calling features available in WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business accounts can take advantage of features such as programmatic creation of QR codes and short links, rich messaging, and integration into third party systems like a CRM.

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