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Start leveraging your communications layer with intelligent call flows and omnichannel analytics.
  • We’re empowering Aircall to scale with high-quality international outbound calling.
  • We’re helping Talkdesk develop next-gen API-powered contact center tech, and providing coverage in 130+ countries.
  • We’re serving Ooma as their primary global voice and texting API provider, unlocking 30% cost savings.

Build Delightful CX with Intelligent Voice

Your voice communications used to be a means to an end. Now they’re a golden opportunity for better customer experience through intelligent routing, agent coaching, live speech-to-text transcription, and more. Meet our cutting-edge voice API, trusted by developers everywhere.

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Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Phone Calls

Scale elastic inbound and outbound calling capacity up and down to meet demand with Elastic SIP Trunking.

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Text Messages

Send and receive SMS and MMS all over the world with an intuitive, dev-friendly Programmable Messaging API.

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Browser-Based Comms

Embed customer communications directly into your CRM and website for unmatched context with WebRTC.

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Building the world's first autonomous contact center, powered by Telnyx.
Benjamin Gleitzman
CTO and co-founder
  • "Telnyx media forking gives Replicant low-latency access to audio packets to be able to feed our AI models. We did a survey of the scene and, in many cases, Telnyx was the fastest provider that was there on the market."

Build the Contact Center of the Future

  • Find the numbers you need, when you need them

    Intuitive on-demand global number search via UI or API.

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  • Build an IVR your customers don’t hate

    Capture touch-tone and voice inputs for smart handling.

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  • Integrate with your CRM, as easy as API

    Intuitive RESTful APIs, in-depth tutorials and SDKs in your language.

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  • Control calls like never before

    Intelligent routing, queueing, recording and conferencing via API.

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  • Extract insights with call media analytics

    Real-time transcription and media forking for deep insights and analytics.

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  • Enjoy flawless call quality, everywhere

    Our global, private Tier-1 network is built for real-time communications.

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